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ellemmtee's Journal

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So - the pressure's on to sell myself (in a non-prostitute way, officer) in this tiny little space. Let me start by welcoming you to my journal. It's not much more than a sneaky peek into the world of a thirty year-old Londoner who thinks too much and sometimes says too little. Who the hell am I kidding? You can't get me to shut up, as I'll now go on to demonstrate.

I've spent much of my life hitting the road and seeing this beautiful world. It continues to be the most amazing way I've found to spend my days, so much so that I decided to make [not nearly enough] money out of the industry and became a round-the-world travel agent. Plans are always in motion to pack my bag and get back out there but before I can do that, I have to find a sawn off shotgun so I can rob a bank. Anyone who knows someone with one I could use should call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 immediately. Seriously. That's just bloody dangerous.

In what spare time I have left, I help my hair turn grey by studying towards becoming a certified accountant. I'm not going to promise anything though because at one point I was going to be an electronic engineer and then I found out that I was really shit at Physics. Still, I can't complain - I've so far managed to do quite well being a professional student and I'm already half way up the liver donation list so I'm confident everything will turn out to be okay.

My life is taken up with inane conversations, slapstick clumsiness and the general confusion of everyone around me. I like it that way. I spend a lot of time thinking up crazy plans that I know will never happen but believing the world would be a better place if they did. I love to dance and do it whenever I can. Well, I call it dancing - others might call it "spasming". Picky. The rest of my time is filled with laughing at inappropriate moments and wondering why no one else finds me as funny as I do. I love to write and dream of making some pocket money out of it one day - travel writing would be the ultimate dream.

Expect to find this journal filled with my banal thoughts, random observations and my utter joy over the stupidity of the general public I send off to find themselves on the other side of the world. Trust me, I have some great stories. Come read them.